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fringe: formal training in radio interferometry - Argentina   

Fringe starts off in 2016, becoming an association of astronomers who carry out interferometric studies at centimeter and millimeter waves. Fringe is composed of researchers and students of the Argentine Institute for Radio Astronomy and the National University of La Plata.

One effect that characterizes the physical behavior of waves is its ability to interfere with other waves. When two waves overlap, there are regions where the amplitude of the resulting ripple increases, and regions in which it decreases or is suppressed. The set of these regions is known as interference pattern or fringe pattern.

In radio interferometry, the magic moment when two antennas get coherent radiation produced by an astronomical source, it is recognized by the interference patterns generated. This is what engineers refer to as fringing. Once obtained the interferometer fringes with an antenna array image synthesis can be applied. This technique allows to create images of astronomical phenomena with amazing spatial resolutions.

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